Musical Direction and Conductor: Markus Zugehör
Director and Main Character: Frank Matthus
Stage: Johanna Maria Burkhart, Costumes: Ute Noack
Stage Manager: Ines Thomas Almeida 

Iphigenie / Madmoiselle v. MarschallEster Hock
Orest / Monsieur TauntzienLuthando Quave
Pylades /Graf d'ArtoisJesus Alvarez Carrion
ThoasThorvaldur Thorvaldsson 
ReisewitzManuel Kundinger
Obergärtner SteinertMate Gal
Fräulein Knoblich, 1. Priesterin, SouffleuseJoanna Malewski
2. PriesterinManuela Fraikin
3. PriesterinWeihong Zhang
4. PriesterinYoko Hara

„Prinz Heinrich inszeniert eine Oper“

Text by Anton Perrey
Opera by C. W. Gluck (1714 – 1787) · In Original language

Kammeroper Schloss Rheineberg

Premiere: July 2010

Prince Henry, the younger brother of the Prussian king Frederick II lived over half a century until his death in 1802 in Rheinsberg. As principal of the Palace Theater in Berlin, he maintained a highly acclaimed musical culture. On 9 May 1783 he released "Iphigenia in Tauris", as the German premiere. In the play, "Prince Henry stages an opera" there is a reason: Brother Frederick has announced his visit. We know the relationship between the two was always tense. The conflicts burdens Henry's work on the production. Then there is also trouble with the staff. What will happen to the visit? "The hope is for the love of the most beautiful of all illusions ..."  

                                                                                           Photos: Henry Mundt